Have you ever heard the game ‘Operation’ played live on a podcast? Well, this week you’re in for a treat! Adams Apple, a broken heart, wrenched ankle, butterflies in the stomach are all extracted live. Dr Susie Nyman joins Dale to use the game as a tool to dissect underlying causes for students’ behaviour and understand the multitude of emotions that are going on inside.

‘Teaching students from the inside out’ is a lively discussion of different types of neurodiverse learners and how it is important to find the student agency to give them “voice and choice”. Enabling students to understand what makes them tick and to become more active stakeholders in their own education journey.

Listen to hear fascinating stories of neurodiverse case studies and strategies and solutions Susie has discovered whilst working in the classroom.

About Dr Susie Nyman

Dr Susie Nyman is passionate about discovering how children learn and supporting them in ways which enable them to succeed. She was appointed as a Biology teacher at The Sixth Form College Farnborough in 1995, and subsequently as Curriculum Manager for Health and Social Care where she has worked ever since. 

Susie strives to raise students’ achievements and support them in ways which enables them to succeed.  She works with her students deploying a range of innovative and Multi-sensory teaching techniques to assist their learning including her ‘Equality and Diversity Tree’ and famous puppets! 

Additionally, she has provided training to PGCE students at Kingston University, and in a number of local schools and colleges on teaching strategies. Since February 2017, Susie has presented seminars on ‘Multi-sensory Techniques’ at The Learning Differences Conventions in Australia, Richmond College, The Helen Arkell Centre, Bell House, The Oratory School, The National Education Show and The Tes SEN Shows in London and Manchester.   

Recently, she was filmed ‘in action’ for The British Dyslexia Association as well as Oaka Books, and the footage is available on YouTube. Subsequently, she has written a chapter about ‘Multi-sensory Teaching’ in the BDA Dyslexia Friendly Schools Good Practice Guide and ‘The Multi-sensory Teaching Toolkit’ by Oaka Books. 

In recognition of over 21 years continued service at The Sixth Form College Farnborough, Susie has been nominated three times by the College for the ‘Tes FE Teacher of the Year Award’. This is an honour of which she is immensely proud. 

Contact Dr Susie Nyman:

Website – drnymanconsultancy.co.uk

Email – drsusienyman@drnymanconsultancy.co.uk

Twitter – @DrSusieNyman

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