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Black and Autistic or Neurodivergent with Suzy Rowland, Keisha Swaby and Lauren Fernandez

Did you know that children from ethnic minority groups are excluded at a rate that’s [...]

Teaching Students from the Inside Out with Dr Susie Nyman

Have you ever heard the game ‘Operation’ played live on a podcast? Well, this week [...]

Sensory Development and Sensory Engagement with Joanna Grace

Our senses are fascinating. A particularly interesting area to explore is the development of the [...]

Inclusive Learner Cocktails with Dr Susie Nyman

Have you ever had a Sparkling Suzie, Freddie Thorne or Danny Whizzbang in your classroom?

My Mummy is Autistic with Joanna Grace

Everyone will meet an autistic person in their lives, and autistic people are in every [...]

Neurodiversity in Schools: A Whole School Approach with Fintan O’Regan

Neurodiversity is a term which describes conditions such as Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD as variations [...]

Changing the Ds in ADHD with Fintan O’Regan

In this week’s show we are discussing ADHD, how people see it, and whether it is [...]

Neurodiversity – Innovation or Compliance with Fintan O’Regan

This week’s show is all about neurodiversity. What does it mean, is it a positive [...]

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