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Your Senses and Your Mental Health with Joanna Grace

In this episode we discuss your senses and your mental health with Sensory Engagement Specialist [...]

GIRL UNMASKED – Autistic Masking, School and Mental Health with Emily Katy

In this week's podcast we discuss the upcoming book ‘Girl Unmasked: How Uncovering My Autism [...]

Supporting PDA with Clare Truman

In this week's podcast we discuss how to support PDA with Freelance Education Consultant Clare [...]

Long Term Effects of Lockdown on Neurodivergent Students with Miriam Saffer

A discussion about the long term effects of lockdown on neurodivergent students with inclusion and [...]

Dyslexia and Mental Health with Dr Helen Ross

Dale is joined by dyslexia expert and consultant Dr Helen Ross to discuss support, interventions [...]

An Introduction to PDA with Clare Truman

Dale is joined by Clare Truman to give SENDcast listeners an introduction to PDA.

Going to University with Autism or ADHD with Victoria Ellen

Dale is joined by Victoria Ellen to explore the experience of University for students with [...]

ASC and ADHD in Adults with Dale Pickles

Dale Pickles talks about his ASC and ADHD diagnosis.

Executive Function Skills and Neurodiversity Traits with Victoria Bagnall

Discussing Executive Function Skills and Neurodiversity Traits

Black and Autistic or Neurodivergent with Suzy Rowland, Keisha Swaby and Lauren Fernandez

Did you know that children from ethnic minority groups are excluded at a rate that’s [...]

Identity First Language and Belonging With Joanna Grace

The considered use of language is often mocked as political correctness gone mad.

Girls on the Spectrum – Autism and Puberty with Victoria Ellen

Puberty is a topic that is rarely discussed and when taught at school the feelings [...]

Supporting Autism in Schools with Yoga with Jyoti Jo Manuel

Schools are notoriously difficult environments for children with autism to function in, let alone thrive in.

I Can’t Go To School with Suzy Rowland

We’re starting the year off with this first episode ‘I can’t go to school’ with [...]

Medication for Supporting Children with ADHD: Chemical Cosh or Reset Button with Fintan O’Regan

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental difference with the key traits of Hyperactivity, Impulsivity and Inattention.

As an autistic adult, what would you change in schools? With Joanna Grace

Autism support is given to half the people who need it, and nearly all of [...]

Teaching Students from the Inside Out with Dr Susie Nyman

Have you ever heard the game ‘Operation’ played live on a podcast? Well, this week [...]

Reading, Phonics and the Dyslexic Profile with Charlie Pitt Miller

Phonics have been around for years and are successful, BUT they don’t work for all [...]

Sensory Development and Sensory Engagement with Joanna Grace

Our senses are fascinating. A particularly interesting area to explore is the development of the [...]

Physical Aspects of Autism with Rachel Jackson

Whilst there is significant research and discussion around the psychological and behavioural aspects of autism, [...]

What on Earth is PDA? With Rachel Jackson

Does resisting ordinary day-to-day demands, such as putting shoes on, sound familiar?

Inclusive Learner Cocktails with Dr Susie Nyman

Have you ever had a Sparkling Suzie, Freddie Thorne or Danny Whizzbang in your classroom?

My Mummy is Autistic with Joanna Grace

Everyone will meet an autistic person in their lives, and autistic people are in every [...]

Supporting Pupils with Autism to Self-Regulate with Tessa Morton

A classroom can be a terrifying place for a child with autism. Their anxiety may [...]