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School Attendance with Suzy Rowland, Fintan O’Regan and Sarah-Jane Critchley

In this, our inaugural video episode, we welcome Fintan O'Regan and Sarah-J back to the [...]

Person-Centred Approaches: Clarity or Confusion? with Angela Scott

In this episode we welcome Angela Scott to the show to discuss person-centred approaches, how [...]

Morphology with Louise Selby

Morphology is an important building block for reading fluency, reading comprehension, and spelling. Joining us [...]

Working with Parents with Lynn How

In this week's podcast we discuss how to best work with parents with Educational Consultant [...]

What is an OT? with Kim Griffin

In this episode we are discussing what an OT is, with occupational therapist Kim Griffin.

Controller, Friend or Benevolent Dictator with Fintan O’Regan

In this week's podcast we discuss teacher styles for supporting SEN and Behaviour with our [...]

GIRL UNMASKED – Autistic Masking, School and Mental Health with Emily Katy

In this week's podcast we discuss the upcoming book ‘Girl Unmasked: How Uncovering My Autism [...]

Standardised Approach to Exams with Dr Susie Nyman

In this week's podcast we discuss the standardised approach to exams with Curriculum manager for [...]

Sensory Strategies with Kim Griffin

In this week's show we discuss sensory strategies. With occupational therapist Kim Griffin

Challenging the Pedagogy of Professional Decline with Rachel Lofthouse

In this week's podcast we discuss challenging the pedagogy of professional decline with Professor of [...]

The Best of SENDcast 2023

This special episode of The SENDcast is a best of all our episodes from 2023

Multi-sensory Stories with Dr Susie Nyman

Dale is joined by SEND training consultant Dr Susie Nyman to talk about multi-sensory stories.

Dyslexia and Mental Health with Dr Helen Ross

Dale is joined by dyslexia expert and consultant Dr Helen Ross to discuss support, interventions [...]

An Introduction to PDA with Clare Truman

Dale is joined by Clare Truman to give SENDcast listeners an introduction to PDA.

Going to University with Autism or ADHD with Victoria Ellen

Dale is joined by Victoria Ellen to explore the experience of University for students with [...]

Presence in Research with Joanna Grace

Dale is joined by Joanna Grace to talk about Presence in Research.

The Benefits of Audiobooks with Emily Pye

Dale is joined by guest Emily Pye to talk about the benefits audiobooks.

Dual and Multiple Exceptionality with Fintan O’Regan

Dale is joined by Fintan O' Regan this week to discuss Dual and Multiple Exceptionality.

Who Leads on SEND in a School? The SENCO or the Headteacher? with Abigail Gray

Dale is joined by Abigail Gray to discuss who should be leading on SEND in [...]

Leading On Behaviour In Schools And Colleges with Adele Bates

Dale and Adele discussing taking the lead on behaviour in schools

Turning Differentiation On Its Head with Catrina Lowri

Catrina Lowri discusses differentiation and how we can turn it on its head.

Being Hijacked By Your Emotions with Alison Knowles

Discussing how we allow our emotions to hijack our decision making.

Executive Function Skills and Neurodiversity Traits with Victoria Bagnall

Discussing Executive Function Skills and Neurodiversity Traits

The Boundaries Between Education and Care with Zara Wright

Zara Wright joins Dale to discuss the boundaries between education and care