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Turning Differentiation On Its Head with Catrina Lowri

Catrina Lowri discusses differentiation and how we can turn it on its head. [...]

Being Hijacked By Your Emotions with Alison Knowles

Discussing how we allow our emotions to hijack our decision making. [...]

Executive Function Skills and Neurodiversity Traits with Victoria Bagnall

Discussing Executive Function Skills and Neurodiversity Traits [...]

The Boundaries Between Education and Care with Zara Wright

Zara Wright joins Dale to discuss the boundaries between education and care [...]

Additional Needs Haircut Services with Craig Henderson

Hair cuts for children and young people with additional needs. [...]

How Our Brains Project Our Past with Alison Knowles

Discussing how our brains take our past experiences and project them onto our life. [...]

Reducing Teacher Workload By Supporting Pupils With SEND From The Get-Go with Zoe Mather

Zoe Mather discusses reducing teacher workload with better SEND support [...]

Goal Setting with Alison Knowles

Helping young people learn to set goals and follow through on them. [...]

Incidental Conversations with Ginny Bootman

When used in a conversional way or in language, incidental talk means to have a [...]

How To Help Pupils Understand and Express How They Feel with Sue White

Children are needing more support than ever with their language skills. The Education Endowment Foundation [...]

We Need To Talk About Excel with Ginny Bootman

Do you love Excel or avoid it? If conditional formatting, VLOOKUP, freezing panes, formulas and [...]

The What and Why of Compassionate Co-Regulation with Jyoti Jo Manuel

Have you heard of compassionate co-regulation? It means that when we calm and regulate ourselves [...]

Mental Health and Behaviour: Nature or Nurture? Risk and Resilience with Fintan O’Regan

The nature vs nurture debate in mental health and behaviour refers to the extent to [...]

Dyspraxia and Handwriting with Kim Griffin

We live in a digital age, so where do we see or use joined up [...]

Becoming a SENCO – Where to Start? with Lynn How

Becoming a SENCO can be extremely daunting, some people don’t know what they’re letting themselves [...]

Identity First Language and Belonging With Joanna Grace

The considered use of language is often mocked as political correctness gone mad. [...]

Using Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction with SEND pupils with Dr Susie Nyman

Are you familiar with Rosenshine’s 10 principles of instruction? Rosenshine’s principles are based on evidence-informed [...]

Supporting Autism in Schools with Yoga with Jyoti Jo Manuel

Schools are notoriously difficult environments for children with autism to function in, let alone thrive in. [...]

How Schools Can Build Positive Well-being Among Students with Sue White

95% of schools have seen an increase in pupil anxiety, which makes anxiety and mental [...]

SEND Christmas Crackers with Dr Susie Nyman

As the SENDcast is now released 52 weeks a year, this is our very first [...]

Medication for Supporting Children with ADHD: Chemical Cosh or Reset Button with Fintan O’Regan

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental difference with the key traits of Hyperactivity, Impulsivity and Inattention. [...]

Sensory Communication With Joanna Grace

When people are ‘triggered’ they often enter what’s known as fight or flight, their ability to [...]

Boost Reading and Writing Through Play with Georgina Durrant

Reading and writing are areas that many teachers and parents are concerned that children need [...]

Creating an Inclusive Reading Curriculum For All Learners with Dr Sarah Moseley

Reading is high on the educational agenda due to the impact that it can have [...]

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