Have you ever thought your students are like icebergs? If not then you will after listening to this episode!

We all know what icebergs are and we all know that the largest part of an iceberg is hidden underwater. Comparing students to icebergs is a great analogy.

Our special guest for this episode is Dr Susie Nyman, the Curriculum Manager at The Sixth Form College, Farnborough. Susie takes us through innovative tried and tested techniques she has used in the classroom setting and even brings her very own iceberg and pick to the studio! We discuss how students are like icebergs and how we need to support the whole child, not just what we see on the surface. There are a lot of factors hidden under that iceberg that we need to consider, particularly for students with SEND.

An awareness of the background information about a student can help educators and parents breakthrough to individual pupils, particularly those with SEND or mental health issues.

Contact Dr Susie Nyman

Website – drnymanconsultancy.co.uk

Email – drsusienyman@drnymanconsultancy.co.uk

Twitter – @DrSusieNyman

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