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Myth Busting the Magic of Sensory Rooms with Joanna Grace

Multisensory rooms have become increasingly popular. They typically occupy considerable space, require substantial financial investment, [...]

Identity First Language and Belonging With Joanna Grace

The considered use of language is often mocked as political correctness gone mad. [...]

Sensory Communication With Joanna Grace

When people are ‘triggered’ they often enter what’s known as fight or flight, their ability to [...]

As an autistic adult, what would you change in schools? With Joanna Grace

Autism support is given to half the people who need it, and nearly all of [...]

Eating and the Senses with Joanna Grace

We are ending the school year with Joanna Grace who joins Dale to discuss Eating [...]

Sensory Development and Sensory Engagement with Joanna Grace

Our senses are fascinating. A particularly interesting area to explore is the development of the [...]

Sensory Stories with Joanna Grace

Do you remember many of your lessons at school? If you do, they’re likely to [...]

My Mummy is Autistic with Joanna Grace

Everyone will meet an autistic person in their lives, and autistic people are in every [...]

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