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Presence in Research with Joanna Grace

Dale is joined by Joanna Grace to talk about Presence in Research.

The Benefits of Audiobooks with Emily Pye

Dale is joined by guest Emily Pye to talk about the benefits audiobooks.

Dual and Multiple Exceptionality with Fintan O’Regan

Dale is joined by Fintan O' Regan this week to discuss Dual and Multiple Exceptionality

Who Leads on SEND in a School? The SENCO or the Headteacher? with Abigail Gray

Dale is joined by Abigail Gray to discuss who should be leading on SEND in [...]

Turning Differentiation On Its Head with Catrina Lowri

Catrina Lowri discusses differentiation and how we can turn it on its head.

Empathy? What We Need Is Compassion with Amanda Sokell

Amanda Sokell and Dale discuss the importance of empathy.

Being Hijacked By Your Emotions with Alison Knowles

Discussing how we allow our emotions to hijack our decision making.

Executive Function Skills and Neurodiversity Traits with Victoria Bagnall

Discussing Executive Function Skills and Neurodiversity Traits

Additional Needs Haircut Services with Craig Henderson

Hair cuts for children and young people with additional needs.

How Our Brains Project Our Past with Alison Knowles

Discussing how our brains take our past experiences and project them onto our life.

EHCNA with Amanda Sokell

Amanda Sokell discussed Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA)

Goal Setting with Alison Knowles

Helping young people learn to set goals and follow through on them.

SENCO Workload and Wellbeing with Lynn How

Lynn How tells us about how to look after your wellbeing as a SENCO, making [...]

Myth Busting the Magic of Sensory Rooms with Joanna Grace

Multisensory rooms have become increasingly popular. They typically occupy considerable space, require substantial financial investment, [...]

How To Help Pupils Understand and Express How They Feel with Sue White

Children are needing more support than ever with their language skills. The Education Endowment Foundation [...]

We Need To Talk About Excel with Ginny Bootman

Do you love Excel or avoid it? If conditional formatting, VLOOKUP, freezing panes, formulas and [...]

Becoming a SENCO – Where to Start? with Lynn How

Becoming a SENCO can be extremely daunting, some people don’t know what they’re letting themselves [...]

Cuddly Cardigans, Strategic Suits and Why SENCOs Don’t Fit Into Either! with Abigail Hawkins

Are you a SENCO struggling to be strategic? Facing burnout? You are not alone!

Identity First Language and Belonging With Joanna Grace

The considered use of language is often mocked as political correctness gone mad.

Using Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction with SEND pupils with Dr Susie Nyman

Are you familiar with Rosenshine’s 10 principles of instruction? Rosenshine’s principles are based on evidence-informed [...]

What Are Outcomes and Why Do They Matter? with Abigail Hawkins

In this last episode of 2022, Abigail Hawkins joins Dale to discuss ‘What are outcomes [...]

SEND Christmas Crackers with Dr Susie Nyman

As the SENDcast is now released 52 weeks a year, this is our very first [...]

Sensory Communication With Joanna Grace

When people are ‘triggered’ they often enter what’s known as fight or flight, their ability to [...]

Boost Reading and Writing Through Play with Georgina Durrant

Reading and writing are areas that many teachers and parents are concerned that children need [...]

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