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Your Senses and Your Mental Health with Joanna Grace

In this episode we discuss your senses and your mental health with Sensory Engagement Specialist [...]

Sensory Strategies with Kim Griffin

In this week's show we discuss sensory strategies. With occupational therapist Kim Griffin

Exercise, Play and Sensory Integration for Disabled Children with Stephanie Wheen

Enhancing Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sensory Integration for Children with Disabilities

Myth Busting the Magic of Sensory Rooms with Joanna Grace

Multisensory rooms have become increasingly popular. They typically occupy considerable space, require substantial financial investment, [...]

Sensory Communication With Joanna Grace

When people are ‘triggered’ they often enter what’s known as fight or flight, their ability to [...]

Sensory Development and Sensory Engagement with Joanna Grace

Our senses are fascinating. A particularly interesting area to explore is the development of the [...]

Sensory Stories with Joanna Grace

Do you remember many of your lessons at school? If you do, they’re likely to [...]

Sensory Issues and their Impact on School Life Podcast with Sarah-Jane Critchley

This week's podcast is looking at sensory issues and their impact on school life. Our [...]

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