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Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

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Weekly podcast covering a wide range of topics within SEND


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Teach primary Awards 2021

Winner of the Teach primary awards 2021

We’re excited to reveal that The SENDcast has been announced as the winner of the Teach Primary Awards 2021 in the free resource category! The awards are designed to help teachers seek out the very best educational resources to support their pupils and we are delighted to have been recognised for this.

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What People Say

“Really enjoying @theSENDcast at the minute. Getting a lot of info from so many good episodes!”



“Listen to SENDcast excellent podcast series. Remember that we are ALL teachers of SEND kids.”

“Have just caught up with @theSENDcast – a great listen!”



“I absolutely cannot recommend this podcast enough – not only as a SENCO, but as a teacher.”



“Humorous, straight-talking, deeply practical and eye-opening thoughts and advice make @theSENDcast a compelling listen.”

Penny Rabiger

“I’m a little bit late to podcasts in general, but am rapidly catching up with @theSENDcast and really enjoying it. Very useful and a lot to think about!”



Very notable points in the latest @theSENDcast with @NataliePacker – Every leader is a leader of SEND and it is crucial that this starts at the top! Completely agree that the head should have been a SENCO too. So lucky with this in my new school! #everychildwithsendmatters



“I listened to @theSENDcast this morning with guest speaker @Lingo_speech on Speech, Language and Communication Needs in the Early Years, I found it really interesting! I will definitely be listening to some more of the SENDcast!”



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Why make a podcast for Special Educational Needs?

SENCOs and teachers are expected to have extensive knowledge over an ever-increasing range of areas within SEN. They are supposed to do this with little or no training and limited guidance. They are also expected to keep up with continual changes that often remove support or guidance, the expectation is that they will use their experience and knowledge to develop their own systems. It simply doesn’t add up. When, where and how are these teachers and SENCOs supposed to gain this knowledge or these skills? The answer is the SENDcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to Special Educational Needs and Disability.

Parents of children and young people with SEND have a steep learning curve and lots to think about. They need a quick and easy way to gather knowledge and advice across a range of topics in a way that fits in with their life.The answer is the SENDcast

SENsible SENCO final

The SENDcast is a Sponsor of SENsible SENCO

Abigail Hawkins created SENsible SENCO to help out all SENCOs across the UK. The SENsible SENCO is a selection of resources developed around SEN and the needs for SENCOs within schools. The resources have all been shared by SENCOs. Whenever you need support the SENsible SENCO resource bank is there! And its FREE!!!