Does resisting ordinary day-to-day demands, such as putting shoes on, sound familiar? This is a common objection from children, however it can be to the extreme often causing obstructive, disruptive and explosive behaviour.

In this episode we discover ‘What on earth is PDA?’ with Rachel Jackson. Rachel is a Mum, Author and Director with an academic and professional background in psychology.  

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) is thought of as a profile on the autism spectrum and is a demand resistance driven by an anxiety-based need for control. PDA is not well known, in fact the diagnosis itself remains controversial and yet many parents/carers describe behaviours from their children with Autism diagnoses that simply don’t line up with what they’ve been told to expect.

Listen to understand PDA and support these children to learn and grow.

About Rachel Jackson

Rachel combines her experience raising two young boys – one with a diagnosis of Autism and ADHD and his younger sibling, with her academic and professional background in psychology, developing adults in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.  This has lead to the successful self-publishing of 3 short books for children on the spectrum and their siblings as well as a number of articles published In the UK, US and Australia.   She has now sold over 2000 copies of her books worldwide.

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