Did your last INSET day have a positive impact? Often school INSET can be a topic that divides staff on whether they believe it adds value or not. In order to support children with SEND there will always be opportunities to adapt existing processes and policies. Often in training you will be confirming good practise and validating things you’re already doing. The key is to inspire staff to do things differently and create innovative approaches whilst gaining a greater understanding of specific SEND issues.

Listen to top tips from Fintan O’Regan in this episode to maximise value and create long lasting impact in your setting. Fintan is one of the leading Behaviour and Learning specialists in the UK. He is currently an ADHD, Neurodiversity and Behaviour Consultant for a range of schools and organisations.

Find out how to deliver effective training to staff to make positive changes and ultimately improve outcomes for your pupils.


The teachers toolkit: Paul McGinnis 
When the adult changes everything changes Paul Dix 
Successfully Managing Children ADHD Second edition : Fin O’Regan

Supporting behaviour in the classroom: Fin O’Regan        
The Defiant Child: Dougles Riley 
Mood Mapping Liz Miller 
Mindset Carol Dweck 
SEN L. Peer and G. Reid 

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