In this week’s podcast, Dale Pickles from B Squared is joined by Georgina Durrant to discuss the importance of learning through play.

Learning through play is so important for all young children, but perhaps especially for children with Special Educational Needs. Play can help children practise and develop a whole range of skills from fine and gross motor skills to creativity, emotional regulation and working memory. It can also help relax overstimulated children and help form social connections.

Children have missed out on a lot due to the pandemic and while there’s a lot of pressure to ‘catch them up’ academically, we need to be very aware that children have also missed out on play – and play is hugely important for developing key skills for young children. In this episode, Dale and Georgina discuss the need to be empowering parents and teaching professionals, and that learning through play is vital for children and their emotional wellbeing as well as development of skills.

Georgina is the founder of the award winning SEN Resources Blog, author of ‘100 Ways your child can learn through play’ and a tutor for children with SEND.


The SEN Resources Blog, which shares fun play based learning activities, reviews of recommended resources for children with SEN and advice.

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