A classroom can be a terrifying place for a child with autism. Their anxiety may not be apparent and instead you witness a child that’s aggressive, defiant, and disruptive or a child that’s passive and not engaging.

Anxiety and Autism go hand in hand. Helping an autistic child understand what is happening in their body helps them gain self-control and self-awareness. Working with your own heartbeat rhythms can reduce anxiety for you and your pupil as your energy levels can directly affect them.

This week Dale’s guest is Tessa Morton, a founder of Act for Autism and is the passionate mum of an autistic boy. She has spent over 15 years supporting autistic children in her community through drama workshops. Tessa talks about autism and anxiety and how to help children to self-regulate.  Listen to this episode to discover the power of the heartbeat as a therapeutic approach to support your pupils and find out how to enable them to thrive in an educational setting.


Connecting and Communicating with Your Autistic Child

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Contact Tessa Morton:

Website: Act for Autism

Twitter: https://twitter.com/actforautism1

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