7.6% of all children have got developmental language disorder, that’s two or three in every classroom.

The Bercow Review (2018) highlighted ongoing and significant challenges for children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) in terms of available support and diminishing resources. More than ever, it is important we maximise what we have available for the greatest impact

In this week’s podcast we discuss how to make best use of resources to meet the needs of pupils with SLCN. Wendy Lee, speech and language therapist, joins me in this episode to look at:

  • evidence of what works for children with SLCN
  • what parents see as important aspects of best practice to support their children
  • experiences of teachers and support staff
  • the challenges of translating evidence into practice
  • practical solutions for implementing strategies and support

Listen to find out some great free resources and advice you can implement straight away in your classroom.

About Wendy Lee

Wendy has worked as a speech and language therapist for over 30 years, in clinical practice, higher education and the third sector. She was Professional Director at The Communication Trust until 2015 where she led on a number of projects, as well as inputting on national policy and research.  

Wendy is currently the Director of LINGO, which provides consultancy, professional development, resources and speech and language therapy. She works with academics, academy trusts, schools and settings and in partnership with local and national organisations supporting speech, language and communication.

Contact Wendy Lee

Website – www.lingospeech.co.uk  

Email – wendy@lingospeech.co.uk 

Twitter – @Lingo_speech

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