In this week’s podcast, Dale Pickles is joined by Dr Susie Nyman who talks us through her science literacy toolkit and how to support students with additional needs. Scientific terminology is renowned for being difficult to understand and remember, but when learning is made memorable with the use of a multisensory toolkit students can make great progress in their learning. The techniques of visualising, verbalising, observing and narrating really help to teach science. Listen to this podcast to hear some practical examples of how you could use Susie’s toolkit in your classroom.  

Susie is the Curriculum Manager at The Sixth Form College, Farnborough. She is passionate about discovering how children learn and supporting them in ways which enable them to succeed. She has provided training to PGCE students at Kingston University, and in a number of local schools and colleges on teaching strategies. She also delivers talks on multi-sensory techniques around the world.

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