As a society, we need to create young people who are able to make choices and do so responsibly as they grow toward adulthood. Our children need the skills to help them manage themselves and advocate for their own needs when their teachers and parents are not there to provide support.  

In this week’s episode Sarah-Jane Critchley joins Dale to discuss choice making and pupil voice:

“One thing that we need to think about from a school’s point of view is that if you actually share voice and people are seen, heard and understood. Then what you will see is a reduction in behaviours that you don’t want to see.” Sarah-Jane Critchley, Author, Speaker, Consultant and Coach from Different Joy Partnership.

Listen to find out how you can build agency and choice-making skills to create capable, resilient adults.

About Sarah-Jane Critchley

Sarah-Jane is an Author, Speaker, Consultant and Coach from Different Joy Partnership. She was previously the Programme Manager for over 10 years at the Autism Education Trust. Pupils with autism often struggle with attending school for a number of reasons. Her daughter Beth is autistic and also suffers from migraines which meant from Year 3 onwards she missed a lot of school and missed over 50% of her GCSE classes, eventually dropping out of school in year 12.

Contact Sarah-Jane:

Twitter: @SarahJaneCritch



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