Paperless SENCO with Ginny Bootman

Are you one of those making their annual pilgrimage to WHSmith to choose your new diary?

Gone are the days of having to lug a filing cabinet’s worth of paperwork to each meeting or locating the right USB. We are all creatures of habit but there’s no better time to make the move to digital, otherwise you risk getting left behind.

Ginny Bootman joins Dale in this week’s episode ‘Paperless SENCO’ to take us through her journey as a SENCO from being paper heavy to become paperless. This podcast will unpick simple ways to save your time and make everything run more smoothly in your SENCO world. Listen to hear easy ways to slimline systems and help others become part of the data collection process when completing HNF or EHCPs.

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About Ginny Bootman

I have been a teacher longer than I haven’t, as a Headteacher, Senior Manager and Class Teacher  and now as a SENCO of 2 Primary schools in Northamptonshire. My passion lies within all things concerned with empathy and the role which empathy plays in ensuring that all of those in school settings feel valued and listened to. I am an Associate of Undiscovered Country, a team who help individuals manage change. 

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