Anxiety levels have increased and learning practical solutions for decreasing anxiety results in happier, healthier children. Mindfulness is a great tool to use in classrooms to do this by pausing, recognising surroundings and bringing everyone into the present moment.

In this week’s episode Katie White, Embodied Wellness Practitioner, joins Dale to discuss making mindfulness fun. It doesn’t have to be complicated and Katie takes us through:

– the benefits of mindfulness
– how mindfulness doesn’t always need to be about sitting still and focusing on the breath, how it can – be incorporated in play, games and creativity
– moving beyond words and into embodiment
– cultivating your own playful nature, so you feel confident when playfully supporting children  

Listen to find out how you can integrate fun mindfulness activities in your classroom.

About Katie White

Katie is an Embodied Wellness Practitioner and founder of The Best Medicine. She specialises in laughter and playfulness; teaching interactive games, practical strategies and mindfulness based tools that help to reduce stress and anxiety.  

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