We’re starting the year off with this first episode ‘I can’t go to school’ with Suzy Rowland.

It is a long and winding road from late diagnosis and support, unsuccessful placement, social isolation and mental health to school non-attendance. School avoidance is a big issue that intersects education, mental health and disability. The impact is felt widely in the community and can impact young people’s life for a considerable time.  

In this episode we examine the journey of school avoidance and where we are currently:

  • Parent/carer perspectives
  • Teacher perspectives
  • Young people’s POV
  • Government positioning – currently
  • Fines from some local authorities
  • Complexity of individual families/family settings

Listen to find out how school avoidance starts, the impact of stress levels and fears have, and the polarised views from school and family. How is this big issue resolved with minimum collateral damage?

About Suzy Rowland

Suzy Rowland is the author of S.E.N.D. in the Clowns, a poetry collection and  “I can’t go to school!”  – a children’s workbook for school non-attenders, an ADHD & Autism Spectrum Condition Specialist, Mindful Cognitive Behaviour Therapist & Speaker.

She founded the #happyinschool project to provide interactive, bespoke training and consultancy, rooted in lived experience.  In this capacity, she works as an agent of change with families and young people, mental health professionals, educators, local authorities, charitable and corporate organisations, to build knowledge, connections and positive narratives about educating and employing neurodivergent thinkers.  Suzy is also a presenter for Women’s LIK UltravisionTV.  

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Useful Links


I can’t go to school published by JKP in December 2022.  

S.E.N.D in the Clowns published by Hashtag Press.  

Anna Freud Centre 

I cant go to school book image


Suzy has just released a new book ‘I can’t go to school’. It includes simple exercises and conversation-starters to help children open up new discussions which will help to talk more openly about issues at school. 

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