How to Stop Your Limiting Belief Limiting You with Alison Knowles

Have you ever experienced fears or phobias? Common ones like spiders, birds, flying, and snakes can trigger fear and panic. Interestingly, these fears are not innate; they are often derived from personal experiences or learned from others, typically during childhood.

A regular voice on the podcast, Alison Knowles, returns to discuss ‘How to Stop Your Limiting Belief Limiting You’. Alison tells us how our inner child hijacks us and makes decisions for us as an adult. Many individuals find themselves not pursuing the path they truly desire due to the influence of their inner child. Just as we wouldn’t trust our 7-year-old selves with our bank accounts, why should we allow the feelings and opinions we had as a child to dictate our choices as adults?

“Has your inner child limited who you could be or more importantly, who you wish or want to be?”

Alison Knowles

In this episode, Alison guides us in breaking down our limiting beliefs and understanding the thought processes behind them. By doing so, we can prevent these beliefs from constraining us. Alison believes that this realisation can liberate individuals, allowing them to actively engage in life instead of passively watching it pass them by.

About Alison

Ali is a practising emotional therapist, author of the Ollie and his Super Powers series of books, public speaker, NLP trainer and creator of the Ollie Model.  Ali’s strength is the unique way she views the world and her instinctive ability to empower you or your child to find the solutions from within. 

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