How Our Brains Project Our Past with Alison Knowles

Why do we dread starting a new job? 

Why do we not like going to the in-laws for Christmas?

Why do we not look forward to Monday morning? 

As humans, we tend to approach new events or situations with caution or even negativity. This is because our brains have a natural tendency to protect us from uncertainty and potential harm.

Alison Knowles, Emotional Therapist, joins Dale in this episode to discuss ‘How our brains project our past’. Alison explains that if there is a gap in our knowledge or experience, our brain fills that gap by either deleting, distorting, or generalising information to create a sense of control and reduce anxiety.

“You’re more likely to remember when something went wrong, because when it’s going well, that wasn’t a threat or a danger to you.”

Alison Knowles

Knowledge is power. Understanding how your brain works can empower you to approach new situations with a more open and optimistic mindset. So, the next time you find yourself hesitating or feeling anxious about a new opportunity, remember that your brain’s protective mechanism is at play, and you have the power to choose how you respond.

About Alison

Ali is a practising emotional therapist, author of the Ollie and his Super Powers series of books, public speaker, NLP trainer and creator of the Ollie Model.  Ali’s strength is the unique way she views the world and her instinctive ability to empower you or your child to find the solutions from within. 

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