When it comes to mental health we often feel like we need the support of a professional. Of course, some children do require specialist support from counsellors, psychologists, or social workers, but for children who are experiencing low levels of anxiety – play may be the answer

This Mental Health Awareness week I am joined by a new guest on the podcast, Katie White! Katie is an Embodied Wellness Practitioner and founder of The Best Medicine. In this episode we discuss How Laughter and Playfulness Can Be Used to Help Reduce Anxiety, covering:

  • What is anxiety and how does laughter and play fit in? 
  • Laughter as a tool for managing panic attacks
  • How we can support children to identify and recognise their anxiety using play
  • Games and techniques for lowering anxiety 
  • What it requires to support an anxious child

Simple games, strategies and techniques can go a long way in empowering children to understand, express and reduce their anxiety, listen to find out more.

About Katie White

Katie is an Embodied Wellness Practitioner and founder of The Best Medicine. She specialises in laughter and playfulness; teaching interactive games, practical strategies and mindfulness based tools that help to reduce stress and anxiety.  

Contact Katie White

Website – https://thebestmedicine.co.uk/ 

Twitter – @bestmedicine1

Facebook – @bestmedicinecornwall

Useful Links

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Parenta Blogs –  https://www.parenta.com/2021/05/01/a-playful-approach-to-difficult-emotions/ 

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