There is often a huge divide between how a child with additional needs presents themselves at school, compared with how they are at home. They can be like a flipped coin, changing from one side to the other according to their environment. We often see children put on a brave face at school, masking their feelings, but then have an emotional outburst when they arrive home to a more relaxed environment.

What happens at school can be fuelling difficulties at home and vice versa. Too often there is a breakdown of communications between home and school as the child is presenting themselves so differently in these two different environments.

In this episode Dale Pickles discusses why some children present differently at home and at school with Ginny Bootman. Currently a SENCO of 2 Primary schools, Ginny has been a teacher for a very long time (in her own words), a senior manager and headteacher.

Listen to find out how you can break down barriers and remove judgement. Hear how you can work together to create a balance in order to help a child thrive across the two most important settings in their life.


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