Puberty is a topic that is rarely discussed and when taught at school the feelings and emotions are often not explained in detail. It can be seen as an embarrassing subject for both parents/carers and young people, therefore conversations can be avoided and when young people start puberty they can feel unprepared. Puberty brings a lot of physical changes, especially for girls, including body growth and menstruation.  

Victoria Ellen joins Dale today for ‘Girls on the Spectrum: Autistic experiences of Puberty’ which is an open discussion on the experience of puberty for girls with autism, covering:

  • Sensory issues
  • Overwhelming choice of products
  • Conforming
  • Giving young people space at home

Victoria highlights not only the physical aspects of puberty, but also navigating emotional and social development. Listen to understand an autistic girl’s experience of puberty and the impact it has on all aspects of everyday life, especially at school.

About Victoria Ellen

Victoria Ellen is a late diagnosed Autistic adult. She is an online content creator who shares her experiences of Autism via cute aesthetically pleasant graphics and striking captions.

She is an Autistic researcher and public speaker, who uses her knowledge of research and her own personal experiences to educate and inform others, as well as providing resources and advice.

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