Joining Dale today is Ginny Bootman. Ginny is currently a SENCO of 2 Primary schools, but has been a teacher for a very long time (in her own words), a senior manager and headteacher. She has also found time to write articles for TES and speak at a number of events.

All too often the home school relationship can become strained for a number of reasons. This episode looks at the role empathy plays and the building of the spider’s web of trust to pave the way for a real team approach when supporting families who have children with additional needs. This has come about through discussion with parents to identify the barriers they feel are put in front of them often inadvertently by educational settings.

This is aimed at SENCOs, Head Teachers and parents. The approach discussed today can be used by anyone in any setting to begin to really empathise with those around us and put ourselves in others shoes.


Brene Brown – Her work on empathy –

Jamil Zaki – The War for kindness , building empathy in a fractured world –

Dr Andrew Curran – The little Book of big stuff about the brain – His work helps educators understand that what they are doing has a scientific background.-

Logos, Ethos, Pathos – The Rhetorical Triangle: How these can be used to understand the view of the parent during meetings –

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