We live in a digital age, so where do we see or use joined up writing nowadays? Everything has moved on since putting pen to paper and writing letters! Most adults tend to type a lot more than they write, however handwriting is still a big focus in schools.

“Handwriting is so much more complicated than a lot of people necessarily give it credit for.”

Kim Griffin, Occupational Therapist

The DfE released new guidance in the Research Review Series which looks at handwriting as a separate skill. Today we’re celebrating the SENDcast’s 3rd birthday and Kim Griffin joins Dale to discuss ‘Dyspraxia and Handwriting’. Listen to find out what this new guidance says and what is best practice for teaching. Kim talks about the various skills and elements involved in handwriting:

  • Motor skills – physically holding the pen
  • Visual perception – getting letters in the right order
  • Composition – spoken language, vocabulary

If a student has dyspraxia, the planning element of how to actually form letters is really tricky. Listen to top tips on making handwriting easier and how you can support students in your setting.

About Kim Griffin

Kim is an occupational therapist with 20 years’ experience supporting children, young people, their families and teachers to participate successfully in their daily lives.  Her interest areas are sensory processing and autism.  Kim provides online training for those who want to learn more about sensory processing, motor skills and handwriting along with programmes that show you have to help children improve their skills.  

Contact Kim Griffin

Website – www.GriffinOT.com 

Email – Training@GriffinOT.com 

Twitter – @Griffin_OT

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/GriffinSensoryOT/ 

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