Reading is high on the educational agenda due to the impact that it can have upon the mental well-being and academic success of children and young people. Recent documents have placed a renewed focus on the teaching of reading for all learners, this includes those with the most complex needs. The issue for professionals is that there is a lack of clarity about what this means for these learners, in particular those learners attending special schools and specialist facilities. This has led to confusion for all involved.  

Dr Sarah Moseley, Educational Consultant, joins Dale for this week’s podcast ‘Creating an inclusive reading curriculum for all learners’. Sarah discusses the why, what and how of teaching reading to all learners and provides ideas and strategies to create an inclusive reading curriculum framework.  

Listen to find out how we learn to read and the foundation skills involved that support learners to develop an understanding of the world around us. Understanding the importance of literacy rich environments and experiences will enhance the learning opportunities for everyone.

About Dr Sarah Moseley

Dr. Moseley has over 30 years’ knowledge and experience within special and mainstream education from teaching assistant to Headteacher, as well as a solid research background rooted within the psychology of learning. Her Masters and PhD were in Special Education and focused specifically on the teaching of reading and self-esteem and she has presented nationally and internationally on raising outcomes for learners with SEND and am a published author of my research. Sarah has just finished writing a book on the teaching of reading to all learners for Routledge Publishers.  

Now an independent Educational Consultant at, Sarah provides face to face and online training, coaching, keynote presentations, information and support for professionals and families from all sectors, specialising in SEND focused school improvement and raising outcomes for all learners. She is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives, attitudes, and outcomes of those who may struggle to learn, based on a belief that every action can make a difference and aims to bridge the gap between theory and learning, to create a culture where high expectations thrive, improving outcomes for all pupils. 

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