Joining Dale today is Ginny Bootman. Ginny is currently a SENCO of 2 Primary schools, but has been a teacher for a very long time (in her own words), a senior manager and headteacher. She has also found time to write articles for TES and speak at a number of events.

It is so easy in our busy world of schools to forget to find time to have the important conversations with
parents of children with additional needs. In this episode, Ginny and Dale talk through simple, effective strategies to use to improve communication between home and school, such as checking in with
parents, or a quick email or phone call that can mean so much and take so little of our time.


Brene Brown – Her work on empathy –

Jamil Zaki – The War for kindness , building empathy in a fractured world –

Sir John Jones – The Magic Weaving Business

Peter Bazalgette – The Empathy Instinct

logos, ethos, pathos – The rhetorical triangle How these can be used to understand the view of the parent during meetings –

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