Changing the Ds in ADHD with Fintan O’Regan

In this week’s show we are discussing ADHD, how people see it, and whether it is a challenge or an opportunity.

My guest is Fintan O’Regan, Fintan is a trainer and consultant for schools and school support systems including, Social Services, Health, the Police and Foster carers. He has worked with a number of organisations including NASEN, Institute of Education, Leicester University, the UK ADHD Network and the European ADHD Alliance. And before this he was a headteacher of a specialiast school for students with ADHD, ASD an ODD. Fintan is a regular here in our studios, he has recorded a number of episodes of the SENDcast, he has recorded a training course for us around Exclusion.

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and would therefore be seen by most people as being a challenge and not an opportunity. Indeed some years ago I heard a parent describe to another parent that ADD stood for Attention Devastation Disorder such was the impact on her life. Language is important and as a result I suggest we reframe the term ADHD in a more positive and accurate way. In addition we discuss both the history and future of the term and outline a range of strategies and suggestions to support individuals with ADHD at school and at home.

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