Schools are notoriously difficult environments for children with autism to function in, let alone thrive in. We need to support them with understanding, and effective impactful tools to help them to navigate the challenges that they experience in life.

Jyoti Jo Manuel joins Dale in today’s episode ‘Supporting Autism in Schools with Yoga’. Jyoti discusses the value and need for yoga as a therapeutic intervention for children and young people with autism.  Having worked with children across the autism spectrum, she shares how and why practising yoga supports them.

Breathing techniques are proven to calm the nervous system, which in turns helps to enhance the quality and quantity of sleep, improve digestion, and improve mental and emotional health and resilience.  Jyoti highlights the importance of adults taking care of themselves in order to support children “I don’t believe that you can help a child to regulate if you’re not regulated”.

Listen to find out how yoga can support your pupils with autism and help them to manage the sensory complexities of the classroom. 

About Jyoti Jo Manuel

Jyoti has been practising yoga since 1974 and teaching since 1989. She is one of the leaders in the training and application of yoga as a therapeutic intervention for children with special and additional needs. She pioneered children’s yoga in the UK. She set up the global training school, Special Yoga in 2002 to provide sustainable and accessible training programmes and to support practitioners delivering the work . She works with local education authorities, NHS, academies and individual schools, arents/carers and paediatric professionals. She has travelled globally to extend Special Yoga in Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Russia, and many countries in Europe. She is currently training 45 psychologists in the Ukraine to support their traumatised children.

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