SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Jyoti Jo Manuel

Our new special guest, Jyoti Jo Manuel, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Jyoti….

Jyoti Jo Manuel, Founder and Director

Special Yoga

Jyoti has been practising yoga since 1974 and teaching since 1989. She is one of the leaders in the training and application of yoga as a therapeutic intervention for children with special and additional needs. Jyoti pioneered children’s yoga in the UK. She set up the global training school, Special Yoga in 2002 to provide sustainable and accessible training programmes and to support practitioners delivering the work . She works with local education authorities, NHS, academies and individual schools, parents/carers and paediatric professionals. She has travelled globally to extend Special Yoga in Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Russia, and many countries in Europe. Jyoti is currently training 45 psychologists in the Ukraine to support their traumatised children.

Contact Jyoti:

Instagram – @Specialyogaglobal


Recent and upcoming:

Jyoti has recently presented in parliament as part of the APPG of yoga in society to advocate and promote therapeutic practises through yoga for all children in education. She is a published author with the Spiritual Teachings of Yoga and is completing her second book about the special yoga methodology and practise which is due for publication in early 2023. She is embarking on a research study with the IOE /UCL and the University of Laverne and the University of San Diego looking at the importance of therapeutic yoga practise for teaching staff and children with learning difficulties in the classroom. She was involved in a study with the NHS Rise team to evaluate these practises for their staff.

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