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Our new special guest, Elly Chapple, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Elly….

Elly Chapple, Founder of the movement to #FlipTheNarrative 

Elly graduated with honours in Human Resource Management and the Psychology of Human Communication. She has always been fascinated with human communication and behaviour, both verbal and non-verbal. She spent her early career working in businesses, managing, and developing strategy for solutions focused approaches and building and maintaining relationships with clients. 

Elly co-authored with Dr Wendy Thorley and Ruth Whiteside, the book ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs: Why all the fuss?’ in 2019 to bring about including Institutional ACEs. She trains nationally in many spaces, working with well-known charities, and companies, the NHS and colleagues in social care and education. Elly also regularly presents key notes on why we need to #FlipTheNarrative within our whole human space and experience. Elly has campaigned for several years via social media with the hashtag #FlipTheNarrative to change outdated approaches that seek to dehumanise people with perceived ‘differences’. Elly’s drive is to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table, regardless of difference and she shared the story at TEDx NorwichEd. She is currently stepping into the corporate world of business to grow the journey with Being Human. 


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Early Years Alliance keynote Making a Difference 

RWBA annual conference 

BILD/RESPOND Trauma conference 2023 

Upcoming book to be released shortly… 

BDMAT keynote Oct 23 

WGHS keynote ‘Being Human’ Nov 23 

Rotherham Safeguarding ‘Flip The Narrative’ keynote Nov 23 

NATP trainer  

Working with Helen May at Belonging at Work 





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