SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Dr Helen Ross

Our new special guest, Dr Helen Ross, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Helen….

Dr Helen Ross, Dyslexia expert and consultant

Helen’s Place Education Consultancy

Dr Helen Ross is a fully qualified special needs teacher and former SENCO, working as an independent educational research consultant, specialist assessor and SEND expert.  

Helen is a Trustee of the British Dyslexia Association, Chair of the Wiltshire Dyslexia Association and is on the board of the US, not-for profit National Coalition of Independent Scholars. She has consulted for the British Dyslexia Association, The Committee for Science and Technology (part of the UK Government), and Wiltshire Local Authority. She also works internationally with various third sector and commercial organisations with evaluation, consultancy and resource development.  

Helen’s research explores stakeholder experiences of SEND provision within the mainstream education sector, focussing on the empowerment of those supporting young people, to help them to take ownership of their own learning. She uses her findings from research to inform her own practice and to support other practitioner in their own work, through CPD webinars and live sessions.  


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Presented at the Dyslexia Show 2023 

Key note speaker at Curia’s Dyslexia Commission Report Launch in  march 2023 


Dr Helen Ross
The SENDcast

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