SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Rachel Lofthouse

Our new special guest, Rachel Lofthouse, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Rachel….

Rachel Lofthouse, Professor of Teacher Education and Director of CollectivED 

Leeds Beckett University 

Rachel Lofthouse is Professor of Teacher Education at Leeds Beckett University and founder of CollectivED The Centre for Coaching, Mentoring, Supervision and Professional Learning.  She has worked in education for over 30 years and has maintained a keen interest in understanding and enabling professional learning at all career stages and across education sectors.  She has a specific research expertise in mentoring and coaching and has regularly published in this area for 20 years. Her current extended interests include developing practices to support a more sustainable education profession and more inclusive schools, and she is participating in EU funded projects on these areas.   


Contact Rachel:

Twitter@DrRLofthouse @CollectivED1 


Rachel contributes to a wide range of academic and professional conferences and learning opportunities. She is a frequent blogger contributing to the Carnegie School of Education Blog 

Two recent book chapters are: 

  • Lofthouse, Rachel (2023) Chapter 8. Charting contested terrain in teacher education in ‘Teacher Education in Crisis; The state, the market and the universities in England’ edited by Viv Ellis.  You can access a free eprint of this book here 
  • Lofthouse, R and Gunning, C (2022) A Manifesto for Attuned Teaching. In: Understanding Safeguarding for Children and their Educational Experiences: a guide for Students, ECTs and School Support Staff. Emerald,  You can read an open access version of this chapter here  

New book underway. Rachel Lofthouse is co-authoring a new book with Trista Hollweck and Jasen Booton to be published by John Catt Coaching with purpose: learning encounters for educational change. 




Rachel Lofthouse
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