SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Dr Sarah Moseley

Our new special guest, Dr Sarah Moseley, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Sarah….

Dr Sarah Moseley, Educational Consultant

Dr Sarah Moseley has over 30 years’ knowledge and experience within special and mainstream education from teaching assistant to Headteacher, as well as a solid research background rooted within the psychology of learning. Sarah’s Masters and PhD were in Special Education and focused specifically on the teaching of reading and self-esteem. She has presented nationally and internationally on raising outcomes for learners with SEND and is a published author of her research. In her book ‘Teaching Reading to All Learners Including Those with Complex Needs A Framework for Progression within an Inclusive Reading Curriculum’, Sarah has developed a framework for professionals, families and learners around her concept of an ‘Inclusive Reading Curriculum’. Sarah provides training, information and support focused on how to teach reading to all learners, building on current provision and practice to support confidence and deepen understanding.  

Now an independent Educational Consultant at, Sarah delivers face to face and online training, coaching, keynote presentations, information and support for professionals and families from all sectors, specialising in SEND focused school improvement and raising outcomes for all learners. She is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives, attitudes, and outcomes of those who may struggle to learn, based on a belief that every action can make a difference. Sarah aims to bridge the gap between theory and learning, to create a culture where high expectations thrive, improving outcomes for all pupils. 

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