SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Craig Henderson

Our new special guest, Craig Henderson, joins Dale for his first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Craig….

Craig Henderson, Director

Craig’s Barbershop

Hiya I’m Craig Henderson, I run a neurodiverse and gender neutral barber shop in Bolton with my fiancée Sarah, and we have 4 children between us and 2 of them are on the spectrum. I have been hair dressing and barbering for over 10 years. I was trained in traditional methods so it has been a blessing when working with these fantastic humans with additional needs and I’m a brand ambassador for industry brand, Gamma Plus. As family we love card games, creative time and the great outdoors with our fluffy child, Ralphie the Bichon Frise.

Contact Craig:



Instagram @Craigsbarbershopbolton


  • I’ve developed hair industry PECS Cards.
  • I have been shortlisted for Greater Manchester Health and Care Champion Award for Community Champion for all the work I do in the schools and nurseries.
Craig Henderson
The SENDcast

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