SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Catrina Lowri

Our new special guest, Catrina Lowri, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Catrina….

Catrina Lowri, Founder and Teaching Director

Neuroteachers Ltd 

Catrina is a neurodivergent former SENCO and Advisory Teacher with a dual diagnosis of bipolar and dyslexia. She created her company; Neuroteachers to support schools and businesses with simple solutions to improve Neuro-inclusion.

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Facebook Neuroteachers- autism, neurodiversity and inclusion support for educators

Instagram @neuroteachersuk 


I’m writing a book called ‘The Other 29’ using differentiation for your Neurodivergent learner as a way to support the other 29 pupils in your mainstream classroom. My aim is to turn differentiation on it’s head and work towards inclusion for all. 

Writing a series of blogs and downloadable PDFs to accompany the course I’m writing to compliment the book 

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