SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Adele Bates

Our new special guest, Adele Bates, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Adele….

Adele Bates, Behaviour & Education Specialist 

Adele Bates Education 

“I’ve had juice poured on my head, been whacked by a skateboard – and have taught a year 7 pupil who has experienced severe trauma, how to read their first ever word…” 

Adele Bates empowers school leaders and teachers to support pupils with behavioural needs and SEMH to thrive with their education. She’s an award winning International Keynote Speaker, a featured expert on teenagers and behaviour for BBC Radio 4, the author of “Miss, I don’t Give A Sh*t,” Engaging with Challenging Behaviour in Schools, from Sage & Corwin Press, and is a fully funded International Researcher in Finland, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica on Behaviour & Inclusion, as well as teaching for nearly 20 years… For her tips and resources check out 

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