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Special Episode – SENsible24

We are delighted to welcome Abigail Hawkins, Director of the SENsible SENCO, on The SENDcast. 

Abigail joins Dale for this special episode highlighting what’s on at the first SENsible SENCO conference SENsible24 on 9 February in Nottingham and why you should be there!  

“SENsible24 is our very first live conference, written by a SENCO, designed by a SENCO, for SENCOs.”
Abigail Hawkins

Step into a world of inclusivity and collaboration at the first LIVE in-person SENsible SENCO event, “All in the Room”. Inspired by the idea of meeting SEN needs within the classroom, this event brings together exhibitors, speakers, and SENCOs around the same tables. Join us for a day filled with engaging sessions, laughs and a few moments of realisation, led by experts in Special Educational Needs (SEN), where knowledge is shared and connections are made. From adaptive teaching strategies to tackling workload bureaucracy, we invite you to be part of this fun filled community day where everyone learns from each other. 

Abigail Hawkins

About Abigail Hawkins

Abigail Hawkins is a passionate and seasoned SENCO with over 25 years of experience. She is the dynamic force behind SENDCOSolutions and SENsible SENCO CIC. Through her SEN consultancy and not-for-profit networking support group, she champions inclusive education and offers invaluable support to educators and schools across the spectrum. 

Having taught a diverse range of subjects to students of all ages, from toddlers to adults, Abigail has a versatile and practical approach to SEN issues. In addition to her consultancy work, she collaborates with software and product companies to create innovative tools for SEN and Safeguarding purposes, develops and delivers teaching assistant apprenticeship and master’s degree programs, and has authored several books and resources on SEN and exclusions.

With her no-nonsense, hands-on approach, Abigail continues to make a significant difference in the lives of countless students, educators, and schools. She remains unwavering in her commitment to promote inclusive education. Find out more about SENsible SENCO


We are delighted to announce that we will be at SENsible24 on 9 February in Nottingham! Dale is hosting a SENDcast Live Q&A and Awards at the conference and we are exhibiting as ‘B Squared’. If you’re planning on attending it would be great to see you there!

The brainchild of the SENsible SENCO herself Abigail Hawkins, it’s a 1-day conference for SENCOs full of practical tips and ideas around how to make your role more effective and reduce your workload. You’ll hear from leading experts in a wide range of fields, all focused on how to make the classroom inclusive across all levels of education. This is one of the most important topics to reduce workload for stressed SENCOs.

Why attend?
• Get practical tips and ideas around how to make your job easier.
• Share experiences with other SENCOs facing the same challenges as you.
• Access SEND experts – 8 sessions to help you with current SEND challenges. Topics include Adaptive Teaching, SEMH, SLCN, Multi Sensory Learning, SEND Law and Reducing SENCO Workload.
• Get answers to your SEND questions in the SENDcast LIVE Q&A – if you love the SENDcast, you’ll enjoy this quick fire session with the speakers, hosted by Dale!

This is your opportunity to grow, connect, and celebrate your role as a SENCO. Whether you’re a seasoned SENCO or just starting your journey, SENsible24 is a dedicated event for SENCOs that’s not to be missed! Visit their website

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guest speakers

Some of our expert speakers from the podcast and training sessions are speaking at SENsible24. This is your chance to meet them in person and ask your questions! Some of the speakers include:

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