SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Victoria Bagnall

Our new special guest, Victoria Bagnall, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Victoria….

Victoria Bagnall, Co-Founder 

Connections in Mind, Community Interest Company 

Victoria is a neurodiverse teacher and mother of 3 girls who has dedicated her life to raising awareness of essential brain functions: executive functions. She believes that knowledge of executive functioning helps people to be kinder to themselves and those around them and has the power to change the world.  

Contact Victoria: 


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  • Training provider for University of California Berkeley, Imperial College London and Cheltenham Ladies College.  
  • Regular speaker at conferences about neurodiversity globally.  
  • Co author of Chapter: Using an executive function – focused approach to build self-regulation, metacognition and motivation in all learners. In the The ‘BrainCanDo’ Handbook of Teaching and Learning. 
Victoria Bagnall photo
The SENDcast

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