SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Suzy Rowland

Our new special guest, Suzy Rowland, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Suzy….

Suzy Rowland, author and founder of #happyinschoolproject

Suzy Rowland is the author of S.E.N.D. in the Clowns, a poetry collection and  “I can’t go to school!”  – a children’s workbook for school non-attenders, an ADHD & Autism Spectrum Condition Specialist, Mindful CognitiveBehaviour Therapist & Speaker. She founded the #happyinschool project to provide interactive, bespoke training and consultancy, rooted in lived experience.  In this capacity, she works as an agent of change with families and young people, mental health professionals, educators, local authorities, charitable and corporate organisations, to build knowledge, connections and positive narratives about educating and employing neurodivergent thinkers.  Suzy is also a presenter for Women’s LIK UltravisionTV.  

Qualifications & Experience: Suzy is a PCBT (British Psychological Society approved) Scope & IPSEA trained, Safeguarding Certified, IAPT (Improving Access Psychological Therapy), trainer and holds a current DBS. Suzy has worked with: Universal Music, Express CIC, Fastminds, Richmond Borough Mind, ADHD Embrace, ADHD Foundation, A2nd Voice, Achieving for Children (AfC) and National Autistic Society as well as private clients. Suzy’s book S.E.N.D. in the Clowns ‘Essential Autism, ADHD Guide’ was a best seller in Amazon’s neurology listing; Suzy’s children’s workbook (with professional and parent downloads) “I can’t go to School!” is publishing in December 2022 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Suzy’s articles are widely published: Melan Magazine, My Baba, Special Needs Jungle, Kingston Chamber Magazine, Diversity Q, School Run, Posability Magazine, Your Autism Magazine, National Autistic Society, Open Access Government, Primary Times, “From Hurt to Hope” (JKP). 

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Instagram @happyinschool

Recent and upcoming:

Suzy has just published a new book ‘I can’t go to school’. It includes simple exercises and conversation-starters to help children open up new discussions which will help to talk more openly about issues at school. You can purchase from the below sites:

Amazon –

Suzy Rowland - wellbeing
The SENDcast

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