SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Dr Gina Gómez de la Cuesta

Our new special guest, Dr Gina Gómez de la Cuesta, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Gina….

Dr Gina Gómez de la Cuesta, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Play Included

Play Included

Gina is a Clinical Psychologist and founded Play Included® (formerly Bricks for Autism) in 2018. Gina studied LEGO® based therapy for her PhD at Cambridge University Autism Research Centre and is co-author of the LEGO based therapy manual. Gina has published several academic papers on LEGO based therapy, including the I-SOCIALISE randomised control trial. Play Included’s Brick-by-Brick® programme is the latest update to LEGO based therapy and the only programme of its kind to be endorsed by the LEGO Foundation.

Contact Gina: 

Twitter@GinaGDLC @playincluded


Recent and upcoming:

Gina has recently spoken at Congreso Autimo Puebla in Mexico about supporting autistic children using the Brick-by-Brick® programme and co-authored the recent I-SOCIALISE research paper investigating the social competence and isolation of autistic children taking part in LEGO® based therapy (‘Play Brick Therapy’) clubs in school environments:
Gina will be a guest speaker at the Mental Health in Education Show in Peterborough on Friday 23 June 2023. The Brick-by-Brick® programme is now available to trainee education and healthcare professionals in the UK.
Dr Gina Gómez de la Cuesta
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