SENDcast Spotlight – Welcome Abigail Gray

Our new special guest, Abigail Gray, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Abigail….

Abigail Gray, SEND Consultant


Abigail began her 30 year career in Special Educational Needs as a teaching assistant. This led to a life in teaching and school leadership. She now runs a successful SEND consultancy and is the author of two books; ‘Effective Differentiation’ (Routledge 2018) and ‘The Effective Teaching Assistant’ co-authored by Melanie Wright.  (Routledge 2020). Abigail writes and speaks about her work on inclusive teaching and differentiation on a national and international stage. She also is a regular contributor to Best Practice Network’s NASENCO Award programme as a subject specialist.  

Contact Abigail: 


Instagram @senworksltd 


‘Effective Differentiation’ (Routledge 2018) 

‘The Effective Teaching Assistant’ (Routledge 2020) co-authored by Melanie Wright.   

The Effective Teaching Assistant Online Course at My CPD Group 

New SENWORKS website launching in Mid-November 2023 with new Inspirations page with books, products, blogs and much more! 


Abigail Gray
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