When people are ‘triggered’ they often enter what’s known as fight or flight, their ability to reason and respond pragmatically to situations evaporates and it can feel as if you’re left with no way to communicate with them. What they still have is their senses. Knowing about sensory communication can offer you ways of reaching across that seemingly insurmountable divide. 

But do you know what sensory communication is? Joanna Grace joins Dale in this episode ‘Sensory Communication’ to explain everything you need to know about what it is, how it’s relevant across the board and how we can use it.

All of us will have unknowingly been implementing sensory communication in stressful situations by offering a cup of tea (taste) or putting a hand on another’s (touch). Communication is so much more than words and gestures, having sensory strategies up your sleeve to support communication, particularly in a crisis situation can be a game changer.  

About Joanna Grace

Joanna Grace is a sensory engagement and inclusion specialist, doctoral researcher, author, trainer, TEDx speaker and Founder of The Sensory Projects.  

Joanna has worked with people with learning disabilities and neurodivergent conditions aged from 0-100 (well 1 day old – 87 years old to be precise) in a range of settings and context. 

Through all she does Joanna is seeking to contribute to a future where people are understood in spite of their differences. 

Contact Joanna Grace

Website – www.TheSensoryProjects.co.uk

Email – sensorystory@gmail.com

Twitter – @Jo3Grace

Facebook – www.Facebook.com/JoannaGraceTSP 

Useful Links

I run a course called Exploring the Impact of the Senses on Behaviour both online and as an in person event. www.thesensoryprojects.co.uk has more details.

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