We are at a challenging time for schools and CPD. There is limited time available and limited funding. It currently costs £500+ for a speaker or trainer to visit a school. There are often offsite courses a single member can attend. These offsite courses for a single member of staff are cheaper, but with less overall benefit to the school, due to the reduced impact. Speakers and trainers are not making much money from delivering training sessions. A half-day session could turn into a day and a half due to the travelling required; this limits their income and comes with several associated costs. It is time to change.

A Training Platform for Schools

This idea has grown from our successful Virtual SEND Conferences. These are delivered over the internet twice a year.

The Virtual SEND Conference has been running for over 2 years. An online conference supporting schools with SEND. The conference has been accessed by over 500 schools already and the feedback has been amazing! Several speakers have expressed a desire to use our previous equipment to record videos/training courses. They didn’t have the knowledge, time or expertise to create, edit and produce the videos, manage the website and handle payments.

The idea started as Virtual SEND Training, similar to the conference. In this place, speakers could sell a series of videos on specific topics. It could be a series all about Dyslexia or supporting schools with SLCN.

The aim is to increase the accessibility of training for SEND, but one of the big problems is that leaders see SEND as something the SENCO takes care of. Leaders don’t realise that they need to be involved in SEND. They don’t realise that all teachers need training around SEND and that they as leaders need to lead on whole school changes to improve outcomes for pupils with SEND.

Moving Beyond SEND

We are now looking at whole school training. Covering all of the training needs of a school.

Working with schools, we have found out that there is a lack of affordable easily accessable training across a range of areas. One of these areas is leadership training. Senior leaders require a brand new range of skills that they didn’t need when they were in the classroom. There is a broader skillset of moving the school forward and managing the running of the school. There are also skills linked to leading a team and the challenges this brings. Schools also need to support staff around the crucial concept of how pupils learn. They sometimes forget to focus on improving teaching. A leader may know that there is a weakness in their school, but where do they start?

We have extended the scope beyond SEND, to whole school training. Our initial focus is primary schools, early years and Special Educational Needs and Disability. We will also look at secondary, post-16 and local authority level training in the future.


Training for Education is an inclusive training website. There will be courses aimed at school leaders, courses focusing on specific subjects, areas or approaches, courses for new teachers, SENCOs and courses related to SEND. At B Squared we believe that all teachers are responsible for all pupils. All teachers have a responsibility to support pupils with SEND. ALL teachers need training around SEND. All courses, regardless of area, will need to have a minimum of 10% content aimed at supporting pupils with SEND.

Promoting You

Training for Education is a platform that training providers and content creators can use to market themselves. Your webpage on the Training for Education website will have your company logo, a photo of you, your contact details, your website address, links to any SENDcast episodes you have appeared on and links to all your training courses.

The biggest benefit of using Training for Education to deliver your online courses is how easy it is. We make everything easy. You will be more visible to schools on our website than your website due to the number of visitors, search engine optimisation (SEO) and other factors. Schools will be able to find your courses by browsing our website. All of the pages are search engine optimised, it is easy to find your courses using Google. We will be marketing you and your courses through social media, sending out emails and in the future promoting courses at events. All of this raises your profile.

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