Neurodiversity is a term which describes conditions such as Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD as variations or differences of the human brain, not deficits or disorders.

Neurodiversity is a term that everybody in the school community should be aware of, not just the teachers but the students and the parents as well. There can be a lot of misunderstanding, because the wider community is unaware and this can cause issues, such as bullying.

Our guest this week is Fintan O’Regan. Fintan is one of the leading Behaviour and Learning specialists in the UK. He is currently an ADHD, Neurodiversity and Behaviour Consultant for number of schools and organisations and an associate lecturer for Leicester University, the National Association of Special Needs, The Helen Arkell Charity and the Institute of Education.

Listen to this podcast to find out how to open up conversations and create awareness of how and why students think and act differently.  By creating an open minded, more tolerant and understanding school for neurodiversity, you will improve learning and socialisation. 

Fintan is a regular here in our studios, he has recorded a number of episodes of the SENDcast, he is a regular speaker at our Virtual SEND Conferences and has recorded a training course for us around Exclusion. Find out more about the CPD certified sessions Fintan has hosted with us:

Virtual SEND Conference

Session – Neurodiversity ‘traits’ for children and adolescents with learning, behaviour and socialisation – challenges and opportunities

Managing Behaviour and Reducing the Risk of Exclusion Training

Is Persistent Disruptive Behaviour causing problems for staff and pupils at your school? Behaviour expert, Fintan has a proven strategy to manage PDB in the classroom. His online course explains this strategy and how to implement it at your school.

This course is CPD certified. It includes 4 videos specifically tailored for different groups at your school:
– Senior Leadership Teams
– Teachers and support staff
– Parents and Carers
– School Governors


The bullying problem by Alan Train

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Twitter – @fintanoregan

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