If a child with autism can’t understand and connect with their care giver it will lead to frustration, anger, isolation, anxiety and challenging behaviour as a result. Common neurological theories suggest that autistic children find it very difficult to connect with their environment. The school environment can be exhausting for an autistic child so we need to put ourselves in their position and walk in their shoes.

Do you have a safe place for autistic children in your school? Find out how you can make your school environment feel safe in this week’s podcast with Tessa Morton. Tessa is one of the founders of Act for Autism, is the passionate mum of an autistic boy and has spent over 15 years supporting autistic children in her community through drama workshops.

Tessa is a trained counsellor, and has been supporting parents of autistic children, helping them to manage their emotions and anxieties. In this episode she discusses how to help you connect and communicate with your autistic students.


Connecting and Communicating with Your Autistic Child

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Website: Act for Autism

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