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Our new special guest, Sue White, joins Dale for her first episode at The SENDcast. Find out more about Sue….

Sue White, Senior Educational Specialist


A qualified primary teacher, Sue’s passion for building children’s vocabulary came after teaching a child with specific learning difficulties. Sue could see that the child’s behaviour in class was borne from a frustration of not being able to fully participate in lessons. Determined to help, Sue started a long journey of learning how to help children who process learning differently. She first became a SENCo and later specialised in a range of developmental disorders where lack of vocabulary development impacted on attainment.   

Sue discovered that symbols – visual representations of words – can help all children comprehend spoken and written text, communicate better, as well as build confidence, independence and vocabulary. She has been with Widgit since 2018 where she has advised hundreds of schools on how to use symbols to improve learning and support delayed language development.  

Contact Sue:



Instagram @widgitsoftware


Recent and upcoming:

Sue is co-author of Walking the talk: A vocabulary recovery plan for primary schools 

She has recently spoken at: 

  • The Autism Show 
  • Kidz to Adultz Wales & West 
  • Supporting Children and Young People with SEND 2022 
Sue White
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