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Arran Smith - life with dyslexia podcast
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Supporting Dyslexia in Schools

Dale Pickles 17th April 2020

In this week’s podcast Dale Pickles from B Squared is joined by Arran Smith to discuss how schools can support pupils with dyslexia. Arran classes himself as one of the 4% of the population as a severely dyslexic adult. When Arran was aged 9 he was diagnosed with dyslexia. He […]

Wendy Lee Podcast
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Developmental Language Disorder

Dale Pickles 19th March 2020

This week’s podcast is looking at Developmental Language Disorder or DLD, what it is, why it is so unknown and to raise awareness. DLD is one of the most prevalent childhood conditions, but is still little known and understood, especially in comparison to conditions such as autism, dyslexia, etc. It […]

Sarah-Jane Critcheley-sensory-podcast
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Sensory issues and their impact on school life Podcast

Dale Pickles 13th March 2020

This week’s podcast is looking at sensory issues and their impact on school life. Our guest this week is Sarah-Jane Critchley This week’s guest is Sarah-Jane Critchley. Sarah-Jane is passionate about helping autistic people, their families, friends and supporters live happier lives of their own choosing. She is the internationally […]